Why Operating Leasing?

What to know before you proceed with your leasing.

  • What is an operating Lease?
    An operating lease is a lease that has an estimated duration from three to five years. In the context of cars, under an operating lease, the lessee has two options at the end of the agreed period either to return the car to the Easy Rental Company which is the Lessor(zero risk of a decline in residual value) or to purchase the car for its own usage. If the customer purchases the car the price of the transaction has already been agreed in the beginning of the lease.

  • Who can be benefited by operating leasing?
    Its beneficial for freelancers and companies of all sizes. Everyone can take advantage of the benefits offered by Easy Easy Rental S.A. through the operational leasing method.

  • The following are the major advantages of an operating Lease:

  • Tax Benefits:
    Τhe annual amount that the lessees pay to the Easy Rental Company will be deducted by their corporate taxes as expenses.

  • Better planning:
    All costs associated with the purchase and the use of the car included in the amount that the customer pays every month to the Easy Rental Company.

  • Improved cash flow:
    Your company's cash flow will be improved as you do not have to buy the car from a dealer and pay it in full. The financing of the leased car is undertaken by Easy Rental Company.

  • Better usage of human capital:
    The management of the leased cars is undertaken entirely by the Easy Rental Company. Your employees will be free to spend more productively their time in their daily business activities.